Artist's Statement

The purpose of art is to cause a change in perception. This can be accomplished by convincing the viewer they want to buy a product, sparking a new interest, or breaking down a long held paradigm. I abhor the distinction between high art and low art, and feel there is no difference in value between advertising, sewing, painting, and sculpture. In my own art I use a wide range of materials and am always eager to explore emerging media. Materials are tools, and it always pays to have a large toolbox from which to draw. A love of learning is the most useful tool a person can possess. The purpose of most of my work is to create an interest in learning, whether it is in Biology, Mathematics, or introspection. Biology is a particular passion of mine, and its influence can be seen throughout my portfolio. Life is incredibly fascinating, from the planet as a whole, down to the smallest cell. I believe that the more people learn about the world around them the more they will want to preserve it for future generations to enjoy.