Lauren Uhler has been an artist since she could hold a crayon with her toes. She was raised in a family of artists and always had art supplies and encouragement handy. From an early age she developed a passion for biology, capturing and taming all sorts of animals from spiders and snails to gophers and birds. The vast majority of her works are biologically themed, with an emphasis on realism, precision, and accuracy. She prefers to draw and sculpt from live subjects whenever possible.

She has a huge love of learning, and incorporates other subjects into her art, such as mathematics, psychology, history, and philosophy. Another important theme in her work is paradigm shifting. Her art seeks to change the viewer’s perception of a variety of subjects. She will often take something which is normally scary or disturbing and make it cute or beautiful. Lauren works in a wide array of mediums to produce commercial art, utilitarian art, and biological illustrations. She believes that interaction is an important part of art, and many of her works have a tactile element or are meant to be manipulated.

She worked in the pet industry for 7 years and as a biologist for 3 years, earned her BA in art from CSUCI in 2009, and is now a full time freelance artist. She utilizes a wide range of digital and traditional media and has worked with companies and organizations such as Global Humanitarian Photojournalists, La Paris Studios, Four Seasons Floral, SBCC, Casa Pacifica, The Ark Pet & Supply, and The Ocean Floor.